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The process of decorative metal steaming is done in perfect vacuum under a fully covered bell-tank where any of the pure metals - heated to its melting point - starts molecule-flowing from the source until colliding to either the walls of the tank or to the objects within it.

The advantage of this technology is that different plastics could be brightly covered with metals - since the target object remains relatively cold.

Plastics can be used for that, mainly: ABS, PS, PP.This technology is suitable for metal-covering e.g. plastics, metals, glasses. The usage of base- and protective-lacquers required by the coverable raw materials results bright, aesthetic coat in several metallic colours such as gold, silver, bronze, etc.

Some examples of practical application:

-caps for cosmetics-

-furniture handles, bijoux-

-silvering for car-lamps, reflective surfaces-

-inner shielding of plastic-covered instrument chassis-

-optical mirrors-


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